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Bridal Shower FAQ

The main purpose of a bridal shower is to bless the couple with items they need to begin their new life together as husband and wife. You can click on the following link to print out a Free Bridal Shower Check List.  This list will help you keep organized and make it fun to plan a special shower for the Bride-To-Be.  This list will also help to keep everyone informed and involved especially if the whole bridal party is planning this special shower.


A bridal shower is usually given by the maid of honor, the bridal party (as a group) or a close friend(s) and is usually kept as a secret from the bride. Traditionally, it was considered inappropriate for the bride's immediate family to host the shower, since it would appear that they are simply asking for gifts.  Today it is an acceptable practice to involve close family, whether it be by allowing family members to help out with the cooking, or catering costs, or even offer their home as the spot the shower is to be hosted at.  Be sure to print out a Free Bridal Party Check List to help you keep track of who will be involved in the bridal shower preparation.  Be sure to include everyone!

Source www.weddingcram.com


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